businessmen-246747_640Loyalty is built from interactions with people; regardless of the business industry or products/services sold. A business can thrive or fall depending on how effective a team will work together. This type of team can offer constructive criticism, different perspectives and expand the network. An effective team begins with a collaborative group of individuals and is maintained by a positive company culture.

Follow the leader. The best teams are led by a great leader. Powerful leaders know that people don’t buy what you do, but why you do it. The goal is to do business with others that believe as you believe. The answer to the “why” question will define a belief. Why controls behavior; belief builds loyalty. This behavior pattern can be seen in employees. People hired for money will work for money, whereas people hired for a belief are devoted and committed.

Have a clear vision of the company. Make intentional decisions based on company values and continually talk about the values so everyone can see and hear there is a commitment. Perfecting your product or service is done in concert with establishing a value-based culture. In the end, what you sell is the proof of what you believe. When others believe what you believe, they will take your cause and sell it for you.

Invite group input. Each new team member will bring in new perspectives and ideas. An effectual hiring process will identify a person’s strengths and shortcomings, identifying them as an ideal player for the team. Welcome their insight; individuals driven by a cause, purpose or belief are more powerful advocates of your company. Remember that every employee will make a huge impact in shaping the future direction of your company.

Protect the culture. Have goals clearly defined so an ineffective source can be identified. A company culture and belief system are the fundamental basics for success, and a poorly matched team member could pollute the goals. Whether a new hire or a negative performer, leaders should stand ready to say goodbye to a problem person. A good producer with a poor attitude is still not meeting the goals of the company. There are others who can do the job and contribute to the culture.

Establish a commitment to the company culture and keep in mind it must evolve with the group of employees and the product/service mix. Intentionally direct the evolution of the culture, while maintaining the fundamental belief system that will also attract your customers.

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