There’s the wrong way to run a blog, and there’s a right way to run a blog. The wrong way usually consists of an inexperienced writer or blogger not being able to figure out what they’re doing wrong. It’s possible they’re advertising too much, or their blog content isn’t original or interesting enough to share with other people. Sometimes they simply aren’t covering the right topics, and when they do, their grammar is atrocious. It’s fortunate, then, that most blog mistakes can be fixed, and sometimes you can even stop these mistakes before they happen. Check out two things you should do today to boost your blog traffic.

Ask for Comments

Don’t just sit around and write your blogs and expect people to comment on them. That’s not always how it works. Instead, go actively after comments. It’s always best if you rev up your audience and get them thinking by asking a question at the end of your blog. Your readers, as a whole, will almost always know more about the topic at hand than you do, so it’s just plain ignorant not to ask for what they have to say about it. The best comments are the ones that make you think, so if you ever have a part two of a blog, you can include new insight.

Banter Back and Forth with Your Readers

You can’t always respond to every comment when your blog takes off (but you should until it does), but when a reader adds a comment that’s insightful, you should reply. Even if the comment says that you’re wrong and why you’re wrong, you should talk to them about it and add your own perspective if appropriate. People love this kind of thing, and will come back for more later on.