Is advertising on the same places in the same way not bringing you business like it used to? It’s probably because your core audience is sick of seeing the same thing, but you don’t have anything else to show them. Even though you brainstorm, you can’t think of anything new either. That’s okay, don’t worry: here are a couple of ideas that may help you find the creative juices you need to recreate your marketing efforts.

Check Out Any New Testimonials

Testimonials are always a great way to sell something, but that’s not the main benefit of giving them a second look. Customers, ones that leave testimonials in the first place, will often think of key concepts and benefits that you haven’t even thought of. Scour your testimonials and see if you can find something you haven’t thought of before, but they have. You can even call customers and ask them why they love your service or product and see if you can get any valuable input out of them.

Look at Other Ads

By no means does this mean you should copy, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find some inspiration from your competitors – and even other companies that aren’t your competitors. What do you like about those ads that yours doesn’t have? Are those ads something you think you can use to inspire you in your own campaign? Don’t copy – just modify and use them for a jump-start.

What’s Everyone Else Doing?

If you’re in electronics, check out the dog food industry. If you’re selling software, pick up a car magazine and see what works for them. Sometimes going outside the expected box will bring a concept to mind that works for your company but hasn’t ever been done in your industry before. Take it a step further, if you can, and brainstorm a way to merge your niche’s advertising methods and theirs.


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