When you want to learn something about branding your business, it’s best to talk to people who have branded before (and done it well). Branding can be a complicated, intricate thing, and one wrong turn can leave your entire company at the mercy of the public. You never want that to happen. Here is some advice from Efrem Harkham, founder of Luxe Hotels, a very successful company that has a large chain of luxury hotels.

Come Up with an Appropriate Brand Name

Harkham came up with his brand name after a few weeks of deep thought. He didn’t go through any rigorous testing, and he wanted to make sure it was simple. Eventually, he came up with Luxe. “I always wanted a short, four-letter word, that was easy to remember and that represents quality. A friend of mine who works in branding for a well-known entertainment company came up with a list that met this criteria,” says Harkham. He wanted to come up with a name that really meant something to him, but was also easy to remember so the people who came to love his hotel would remember the name when they left.

Maintain Your Brand

Part of maintaining your brand is keeping the promises you made. If you say that your brand has something to do with being reliable, then make sure that you always are reliable. Going back on your promise will upset most of your customers. “Luxe Hotels has always been about the unique independent hotel experience, exceptional service, individualized attention and great locations. We have stayed true to this through rigorous training, a superb leadership team, and by constantly innovating and listening to our guests, without negating our brand identity.”

Listen to Your Customers

Some of your customers are going to be people that keep on coming back for more. It’s a good thing to listen to what they have to say. Send out surveys on occasion that ask about quality of your services and the facilities to ensure you’re doing everything right. Use the input you receive to make your business better and to “maintain your brand integrity,” says Harkham.