The iPhone doesn’t have a remarkable camera. In fact, the camera is just about average. Still, the iPhone has remained as the number one camera for taking pictures for two years in a row now, according to Flickr’s 2012 summer list.

The iPhone has beaten out many professional cameras, such as the Nikon D90 and the Canon EOS Rebel T2I. It even beat out its own cousin, the iPhone 4S, which came in on the list at number 3 this year. Many of the pictures taken by the iPhone are highly rated and have many user comments as well. Some pictures taken by the iPhone 4 have even better ratings than ones taken by the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, a high-end camera famous for taking crisp and clear pictures of natural environments.

As part of the compilation of data, Flickr also tallied up the number of photos taken in total from April to June of this year. A whipping 7.2 billion photos were uploaded during this time, and the trend leans towards outdoor activities. For example, there were nearly 3.6 million pictures of baseball pictures taken this year, and 15.8 million pictures of flowers. There were even quite a few fireworks images before the 4th of July – that count of 2.6 million images is expected to double in the next few weeks, however.

Flickr expects that the number of pictures taken and uploaded will quadruple in the next few months because of summer activities – and the iPhone 4 may yet reign supreme next year as well.

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