There are some SEO mistakes that are rare, and there are mistakes that are common. You want to avoid the common mistakes with all your might; the more you avoid them, the more likely you’ll rank above a competitor who didn’t. Here are a couple of tips you can employ today to make your website a more SEO-oriented one.

Not Updating and Using Local Listings

Have you looked at your Google Places page yet? Google Places has been designed to sit at the top of just about any Google search, and there are billions of those done every year. If you want to be found via local search, make sure your information is up-to-date and that you’re listed in all of the search engines. There are lots of local directories you should be looking to place your information in – and it’s almost always free and easy to do.

Avoiding “Link Building”

Rumor has it that having links posted on other websites that come back to your website is the most important off-page SEO tactic you can use. If your niche is super competitive, you will need many more links than a site that isn’t competing with a ton of over businesses in the same area. Many businesses put websites up with sleek, well-written content and then forget about link building. It can be incredibly time consuming, and it can be difficult to ensure your links are posted on the right websites. However, if you have the goal of improving your search engine rankings, then you need as many inbound links as you can get. Start posting guest blogs and networking with other organizations to get your name and links out there.